In addition to providing inspection and survey solutions for global consumers, Global Cargo Inspections Products Services also provides inspection and survey solutions for electrical, textiles, medical devices, and cars, among other things. As a result of our close collaboration with our clients, we are able to accurately manage the quality parameters across all supply chains and assist them in reducing risks in terms of quality, health and safety, social responsibility, and environmental protection, which ultimately results in brand protection and the reduction of costly claims. Consumer goods manufacturing control systems and assessment process lines are something that Global Cargo Inspections specializes in designing. Because of these restrictions, a favorable environment is created for optimizing the levels of production as well as the response to cost reduction.

Our control activities are carried out in factories, processing plants, port facilities, and warehouses, and they are conducted in accordance with international standards for the sampling and quality control of the products, thereby ensuring that the products are produced in accordance with the instructions of our customers. 


When it comes to trustworthy control, it involves specialists in all stages to ensure that reliable professional results are obtained throughout the inspection.

Our services

  • Inspection of production
  • Line sampling and analysis
  • Process audits
  • Stock inventories
  • Energy evaluation