As a quality management tool and a control point, our food inspection services can help assure the quality and safety of products at the point of origin as early in the logistical process as possible. The food survey helps the food & beverage industry create and maintain high food quality assurance standards around the world and throughout the manufacturing process.

There has been a dramatic shift in the food supply chain as a result of globalization and technological improvements affecting a wide variety of stakeholders. Among the inspection services provided by Global Cargo Inspections are audits/controls on quality monitoring systems, logistical setups, and the verification of food handling procedures, among other things.

By increasing the safety and quality of food & beverage products for human consumption, these inspection services contribute to conformity with national or international food safety assessment protocols.

In order to ensure that international suppliers' contractual responsibilities are followed, Global Cargo Inspection has established a unique network of agricultural experts, assuring the products' long-term commercial excellence and viability.

In order to achieve maximum control over the supply chain, our proactive inspection services were designed to cover every step of the supply chain.

There are several aspects that go into determining quality in the food and beverage sector, such as the product's physical and aesthetic appearance and its ability to meet the needs of the final consumer. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of controls in the production chain when it comes to producing and packing facilities. In order to assist and validate the quality of their products, we provide comprehensive coverage of the fresh product processing steps.


  • Time log
  • Daily movement controls
  • Quality control
  • Sampling
  • Daily analysis of stored product
  • Quality tables by product or production area
  • Critical information on quality
  • Quality report


  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Frozen food
  • Fresh food
  • Processed food
  • Fish oil
  • Vegetable oil