Among the inspection services offered to the steel industry are full loading and discharge safety supervision of hot and cold rolled steel coils, as well as finished and semi-finished steel products. Inspection services include weighing, sampling, testing, and measurement, as well as visual inspection, to determine the quantity and quality of steel goods. Cargo supervision contracts may include or exclude services such as weight determination at the loading and discharging shore scales or by draft survey, hold and visual inspection, tally and grading.

Owners of ships have a legal duty to ensure that cargo is delivered in the same condition as it was when it arrived at the port. It is critical, however, to determine the apparent state of the cargo prior to loading or discharging because finished steel goods are vulnerable to physical damage and rusting during their travel through the supply chain. In this way, it is ensured that Mate's receipts and bills of lading are properly issued and that pre-existing damage is discovered and not later claimed against the vessel. If carriers are to precisely identify the state of the cargo they are transporting, they must rely on independent and accurate surveyors to conduct a pre-load examination. This is because even small steel product damage can result in large claims.

Structural sections, beams, profiles, channels, angles/bulbs, plates, hot rolled steel in coils or bundles, cold rolled steel coils, packs or bundles, coils of bar and wire rods, flat bars, merchant bars and grousers, track products, pipes (coated and bare), sheet piling are just a small portion of the steel products we inspect.